RAE Systems Launch range of Wireless Portable 6

RAE Systems’ Portable MultiRAE Instruments Combine Best-in-Class Detection, Integrated Wireless Functionality to Improve Threat Visibility and Elevate Safety

Introducing the world’s first wireless portable multi-threat monitors that reliably give safety MultiRAE Familyprofessionals unprecedented visibility and control of chemical and radiation threat data.

The new family of life-saving monitors combines industry-first wireless functionality with best-in-class detection capabilities for anytime, anywhere access to toxic and combustible gases, and radiation detection information to help reduce operation downtime, increase safety and improve incident-response times.

RAE Systems’ new family of MultiRAE monitors join the company’s successful portable multi-threat monitors such as the MultiRAE Plus, and are the only instruments to wirelessly monitor up to six threats at a time – including gamma radiation – in a single, highly versatile instrument. High-res photos are available.”

The MultiRAE Wireless Portable Multi-Threat Monitors are the only instruments to detect and monitor more than 300 volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gamma radiation, 55 combustible gases and vapors, and 25 specific toxic gases – up to six threats at a time – all in a single, highly versatile monitor. When deployed on RAE Systems’ Dedicated Wireless Network, MultiRAE instruments use a five-way notification system for gas, radiation and man-down alarms to provide immediate and unmistakable on-scene alerts while warning safety officers at a remote command center.

The MultiRAE monitors provide both personal- and point-detection capabilities for a broad range of applications and users such as first responders, military and homeland-security personnel, and industrial hygienists. For these safety professionals, MultiRAE wireless monitors make it easier to keep work environments or incident scenes safe by providing real-time, actionable data that helps protect health and save lives.

The MultiRAE family builds on RAE Systems’ long-standing strength in delivering proven and reliable wireless solutions, including its AreaRAE wireless multi-gas monitor and its RAELink3 modem, in addition to its patented photoionization (PID) technology.

“By integrating the latest technologies in wireless communications and toxic-gas sensing, RAE Systems is making detection and monitoring advancements that take safety management to new levels,” said RAE Systems’ Vice President for Marketing and Products Thomas Nègre.

Unique Features Elevate Safety
Different models of the MultiRAE provide a unique combination of capabilities, including the ability to detect and meter gamma radiation in a multi-threat configuration. The MultiRAE monitors also elevate worker and responder safety with real-time monitoring capabilities, parts-per-billion VOC detection for finding gas sources faster, and an integrated man-down alarm for additional team safety.

The MultiRAE family includes the MultiRAE Pro for radiation and chemical detection; the MultiRAE advanced chemical detector for up to five gases and VOCs; and the MultiRAE Lite personal-protection monitor for confined-space entry and other functions. The new MultiRAE monitors join RAE Systems’ successful family of MultiRAE products, including the MultiRAE Plus multi-gas monitor.

Versatile and Customizable
Each new MultiRAE instrument supports up to 33 sensor options so it can be configured to exactly match the needs of a broad range of applications in oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, aviation, environmental, telecom and other industries, and in fire service, HazMat response, the military and homeland security. MultiRAE intelligent sensors store calibration information and are automatically recognized by the instrument on installation. This makes it easy to swap out pre-calibrated sensors in the field.

MultiRAE monitors also come with extensive onboard gas libraries for VOCs and combustible gases for automatically applying the appropriate correction factors and alarm limits, and producing readings in equivalent units for the desired compound. For industrial-hygiene applications, extensive data-logging capacity supports up to six months of data taken at one-minute intervals for five sensors.

“We were the first company in the industry to augment the four-gas standard monitor with VOC detection to expand gas and vapor detection in a single, portable instrument. Now, we are reinventing the industry again by incorporating the functionality of up to four different instruments into one portable, easy-to-use monitor that is wireless, versatile and proven,” said Nègre.

Additional Features
• Largest graphical display in its class with automatic “flip” feature
• Easy-to-use icon-driven user interface
• Ergonomically contoured shape convenient to hold and operate
• Large buttons usable in three layers of gloves
• Easy maintenance with user-replaceable sensors, pump and plug-and-play battery
• Fully automated bump test and calibration for up to 10 units with RAE Systems’ AutoRAE 2 Test and Calibration System
• Certified as intrinsically safe for Class I, Division 1 (CSA) and Zone 1 (ATEX, IECEx) hazardous atmospheres
• IP-65/IP-67 rating; MIL-STD-810F-compliant for military performance
• Stainless-steel faceplate and a protective rubber boot keep monitor dust-tight and waterproof

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