Protect Your Workers Health With the Trolex XD1+ Personal Dust Monitor

Your compact, lightweight and affordable real-time dust monitor with built-in alarm

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Trolex XD1+ offers effective dust monitoring in any environment where dust exposure is a health risk.

Construction, demolition, mining and quarrying. Manufacturing, woodworking, agriculture and farming. If there’s dust about, you need the Trolex XD1+.

With real-time monitoring and alerts, you can make the right decisions at the right time, deploying your dust suppression, containment and removal systems to optimal effect.

The Trolex XD1+ makes it easier than ever to protect your worker’s health and keep your organisation compliant with health and safety regulations.

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Introducing the Trolex XD1+: The Ultimate Solution for
Protecting Your Workers' Health

Take the first step towards proactive safety monitoring, real-time alerts, and compliance with health and safety regulations. With the Trolex XD1+, you can effectively monitor dust levels in any environment where dust exposure poses a health risk, including construction, demolition, mining, quarrying, manufacturing, woodworking, agriculture, and farming.

Say goodbye to cumbersome filters, pumps, and tubes. Unlike traditional monitors, the Trolex XD1+ requires no replaceable parts, ensuring hassle-free operation. Fully customizable measurements enable you to tailor your monitoring to specific particulate matter sizes, including PM1, 2.5, 4.25, and 10.

Maintenance has never been easier. The Trolex XD1+ features an automatic self-test routine and maintenance cycle, taking just 2 minutes every 3 months. Plus, the device will remind you when it's time for maintenance. Spend less time on upkeep and more time focusing on your core operations.

Make informed decisions with confidence. The Trolex XD1+ provides you with real-time data, enabling you to accurately assess dust exposure levels and promptly deploy dust suppression, containment, and removal systems. View comprehensive data on your desktop using the user-friendly Breathe LITE software or access it on the go with the BreatheMOBILE app for mobile devices. Your workers will also receive real-time alerts directly from the device when dust levels exceed safe thresholds.

Choose durability and convenience. The Trolex XD1+ boasts a lightweight and compact design, making it effortless to clip on and wear while on the move. Built to withstand heavy industrial environments, it eliminates the need for daily calibration or return-to-base servicing, saving you valuable time and resources.


Order Or Hire Your Trolex D1+
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