Ribble Enviro can offer our customers a complete fixed gas detection system solution from an initial free site survey through to the installation and commissioning by our manufacturer certified and qualified technicians. Our free site survey will help you decide what system best suits your application and with links to all the major manufacturers we can supply and install the system for you, taking the worry out of your hands .

We can supply fixed gas detection systems from the major manufacturers below, including:

  • GDS Technologies - from the single point GDS10 through to the addressable Combi system and flow sample systems
  • Drager - the Polytron Range as well as the Regard and PIR Detection systems
  • Crowcon - The Xgard, XSafe, IREx, Flamgard and TXGard
  • Honeywell - Meshguard, Sensepoint, Searchline, Touchpoint, Vertex and the RAE Guard 2 PID
  • Bacharach Fixed Refrigerent Systems

We cover the whole range of requirements as below:

  • Single Point and MultiPoint Systems, Most Toxic gases covered
  • Addressable Fixed Systems
  • Flow Sample systems
  • Infra Red Technology Systems
  • Flame Detection systems
  • Open Path Line of sight Systems
  • Explosion Proof Systems
  • Refrigerant Gas Measurement Systems
  • Fixed Gas Detection Systems for the Marine Industry

We also have technicians on hand to call at all the UK ports to service and calibrate the gas detection systems within the Marine Industry.

Call Ribble Enviro on 01200 445804 or email info@ribble-enviro.co.uk for all current offers and details on how we can ensure continued protection from danger on your site and maintain safety compliance.