Gastec Standard Detector Tubes

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Gastec detector tubes are of the highest quality for analysing a wide variety of gases, vapours and ground substances accurately. From acetaldehyde to xylene, the gastec pump and standard detector tubes can monitor over 600 gases and vapours.

The Gastec detector tube system comprises the following:

Gastec colourmetric glass tube filled with an absorbent material, usually silica gel impregnated with a chemical reagent. Air is drawn through the tube using the Gastec precision piston pump and reacts in the presence of the target gas to produce a colour change. The length of the colour stain produced is proportional to the concentration of target gas present. By using a calibration scale printed on the tube, the concentration may be read immediately, without the need for laboratory analysis. Gastec detector tubes are used worldwide in factories, refineries, chemical plants, dry cleaners and other work places where employee protection and gas detection are of paramount importance. Whether you are in occupational hygiene, environmental analysis or COSHH assessment and more, Gastec has the answer!

I will be needing the following options …

Please select a minimum of 1 option and a maximum of 20 options.

Chloroform 137LA

1,1,2,2-Tetrabromoethane (PN 135L)

N-Methylmorpholine (PN 180)

1, 1-Dibromoethane (PN 136L)

1, 1-Dichloroethane (PN 135)

1, 2-Dichloroethane (PN 135)

1, 2-Dichloroethane (PN 135L)

1, 2-Dichloroethylene (PN 132HA)

1, 2-Dichloroethylene (PN 132LL)

1, 2-Dichloroethylene (PN 139)

1, 3-Dichloropropene

1, 3-Dichloropropene (PN 131La)

1, 3-Pentadiene (PN 174)

1, 3-Pentadiene (PN 174L)

1,1,1-Trichloroethane (PN 135)

1,1,1-Trichloroethane (PN 135L)

1,1,1-Trichloroethane (PN 171)

1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane (PN 131L)

1,1,2-Trichloroethane (PN 135)

1,2,3-Trichloropropane (PN 135L)

1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene (PN 131La)

1,2-Dibromoethane (PN 136H)

1,2-Dibromoethane (PN 136L)

1,3-Butadiene (PN 174)

1,3-Butadiene (PN 174L)

1,3-Butadiene (PN 174LL)

1,4-Dioxane (PN 159)

1,4-Dioxane (PN 163)

1-Butanol (PN 114)

1-Methoxy-2-Propanol (PN 113L)

1-Methoxy-2-Propanol (PN 113LL)

2-Butanol (PN 115)

2-Dimethylaminoethanol (PN 180L)

2-Hexyl Alcohol (PN 141L)

2-Mercaptoethanol (PN 75L)

2-Methyl Allyl Chloride (PN 131La)

2-Methyl-3-Butenenitrile (PN 191L)

2-Pentenenitrile (PN 191L)

2-Pentenenitrile (PN 193)

3-Pentenenitrile (PN 191L)

4-Methyl Pyridine (PN 182)

a-Pinene (PN 121)

Acetaldehyde (PN 92)

Acetaldehyde (PN 92L)

Acetaldehyde (PN 92M)

Acetic Acid (PN 81)

Acetic Acid (PN 81L)

Acetic Anhydride (PN 81)

Acetic Anhydride (PN 81L)

Acetone (PN 151)

Acetone (PN 151L)

Acetone Cyanohydrin (PN 12L)

Acetylene (PN 103)

Acetylene (PN 171)

Acetylene (PN 172)

Acid Gases (PN 80)

Acrolein (PN 93)

Acrylic Acid (PN 81)

Acrylic Acid (PN 81L)

Acrylonitrile (PN 102L)

Acrylonitrile (PN 191)

Acrylonitrile (PN 191L)

Aliphatic Hydrocarbons (PN 140)

Ally Isothiocyanate (PN 149)

Allyl Amine (PN 180)

Allyl Amine (PN 180L)

Allyl Chloride(PN 101L)

Allyl Chloride(PN 131L)

Amines (PN 180)

Amines (PN 180L)

Ammonia (PN 180)

Ammonia (PN 3H)

Ammonia (PN 3HM)

Ammonia (PN 3L)

Ammonia (PN 3M)

Amonnia (PN 3La)

Amyl Acetate (PN 147)

Aniline (PN 181)

Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PN 120)

Arsine (PN 19LA)

Benzaldehyde (PN 91L)

enzene (PN 121)

Benzene (PN 121L)

Benzene (PN 121S)

Benzene (PN 121SL)

Benzene (PN 121SP)

Benzene (PN 171)

Benzyl Bromide (PN 136L)

Benzyl Chloride (PN 132L)

Boron Trichloride (PN 12L)

Bromine (PN 8La)

Bromoform (PN 136L)

Butane (PN 103)

Butane (PN 104)

Butyl Acetate (PN 142)

Butyl Acetate (PN 142L)

Butyl Acrylate (PN 142L)

Bromoform (PN 136L)

Butane (PN 103)

Butane (PN 104)

Butyl Acetate (PN 142)

Butyl Acetate (PN 142L)

Butyl Acrylate (PN 142L)

Butyl Mercaptan (PN 70L)

Butylamine (PN 180)

Butylamine (PN 180L)

Butyric Acid (PN 81L)

Butyronitrile (PN 191L)

Carbon Dioxide (PN 2H)

Carbon Dioxide (PN 2HH)

Carbon Dioxide (PN 2L)

Carbon Dioxide (PN 2LC)

Carbon Dioxide (PN 2LL)

Carbon Disulphide (PN 13)

Carbon Disulphide (PN 13L)

Carbon Disulphide (PN 13M)

Carbon Monoxide (PN 1H)

Carbon Monoxide (PN 1HH)

Carbon Monoxide (PN 1L)

Carbon Monoxide (PN 1La)

Carbon Monoxide (PN 1LC)

Carbon Monoxide (PN 1LK)

Carbon Monoxide (PN 1LKC)

Carbon Monoxide (PN 1LL)

Carbon Monoxide (PN 1LM)

Carbon Monoxide (PN 1M)

Carbon Tetrachloride (PN 134)

Carbon Tetrachloride (PN 134L)

Carbonyl Sulphide (PN 21)

Carbonyl Sulphide (PN 21LA)

Chloride Ion (PN 221L)

Chloride Ion (PN 221LL)

Chlorine (PN 80)

Chlorine (PN 8H)

Chlorine (PN 8HH)

Chlorine (PN 8La)

Chlorine (PN 8LL)

Chlorine Dioxide (PN 23L)

Chlorine Dioxide (PN 23M)

Chlorine Dioxide (PN 8H)

Chlorine Dioxide (PN 8La)

Chlorobenzene (PN 126)

Chlorobenzene (PN 126L)

Chlorobromomethane (PN 135)

Chlorobromomethane (PN 136H)

Chlorobromomethane (PN 136L)

Chlorobromomethane (PN 136La)

Chlorocyclohexane (PN 102L)

Chloroform (PN 137)

Chloroform (PN 137L)

Chloroform (PN 137LL)

Chloropicrin (PN 134)

Chromium (VI) Ion (PN 273)

Copper Ion (PN 284)

Cumene (PN 122L)

Cyclohexane (PN 102H)

Cyclohexane (PN 102L)

Cyclohexanol (PN 118)

Cyclohexanone (PN 154)

Cyclohexanone (PN 91L)

Cyclohexene (PN 151)

Cyclohexylamine (PN 180)

Cyclohexylamine (PN 180L)

Cymene (PN 141L)

Decane (PN 105)

Di-n-butylamine (PN 180)

Di-n-butylamine (PN 180L)

Diacetone Alcohol (PN 154)

Diacetyl (PN 92)

Diborane (PN 22)

Dibromomethane (PN 136L)

Diethyl Benzene (PN 122L)

Diethylamine (PN 180)

Diethylamine (PN 180L)

Diethylaminoethanol (PN 180L)

Diethylenetriamine (PN 180L)

Diethylethanolamine (PN 180)

Diisobutyl Ketone (PN 102L)

Diisobutyl Ketone (PN 91L)

Diisobutylene (PN 121)

Diisopropyl Benzene (PN 141L)

Diisopropylamine (PN 180)

Diisopropylamine (PN 180L)

Dimethyl Sulphide (PN 77)

Dimethylamine (PN 180)

Dimethylamine (PN 180L)

Dimethylamine (PN 3H)

Dimethylaminopropylamine (PN 180)

Dimethylaminopropylamine (PN 180L)

Dimethylethanolamine (PN 180)

Dimethylethanolamine (PN 180L)

Dimethylhydrazine (PN 185)

Dipropylamine (PN 180)

Dipropylamine (PN 180L)

Divinyl Benzene (PN 124L)

Divinyl Methoxysilane (PN 113L)

Epichlorohydrin (PN 163L)

Ethanol (PN 112)

Ethanol (PN 112L)

Ethanolamine (PN 180)

Ethanolamine (PN 180L)

Ethyl Acetate (PN 141)

Ethyl Acetate (PN 141L)

Ethyl Acrylate (PN 141L)

Ethyl Benzene (PN 122)

Ethyl Benzene (PN 122L)

Ethyl Bromide (PN 136L)

Ethyl Chloride (PN 138)

Ethyl Chloroformate (PN 131La)

Ethyl Ether (PN 161)

Ethyl Ether (PN 161L)

Ethyl Mercaptan (PN 70)

Ethyl Mercaptan (PN 70L)

Ethyl Mercaptan (PN 71H)

Ethyl Mercaptan (PN 72)

Ethyl Mercaptan (PN 72L)

Ethylamine (PN 180)

Ethylamine (PN 180L)

Ethylene (PN 103)

Ethylene (PN 171)

Ethylene (PN 172)

Ethylene (PN 172L)

Ethylene Chlorohydrin (PN 111L)

Ethylene Glycol (PN 165L)

Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether (PN 113L)

Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether (PN 113LL)

Ethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether (PN 113L)

Ethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether (PN 113LL)

Ethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether Acetate (PN 113L)

Ethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether (PN 113L)

Ethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether (PN 113LL)

Ethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate (PN 113L)

Ethylene Oxide (PN 163)

Ethylene Oxide (PN 163L)

Ethylene Oxide (PN 163LL)

Ethylenediamine (PN 180)

Ethylenediamine (PN 180L)

Fluorine (PN 17)

Formaldehyde (PN 91)

Formaldehyde (PN 91L)

Formaldehyde (PN 91LL)

Formaldehyde (PN 91M)

Formic Acid (PN 81)

Formic Acid (PN 81D)

Formic Acid (PN 81L)

Furfural (PN 154)

Gasoline (PN 101)

Gasoline (PN 101L)

Gasoline (PN 1M)

Heptane (PN 101)

Heptane (PN 101L)

Heptane (PN 103)

Heptane (PN 105)

Hexamethylenediamine (PN 180L)

Hexane (PN 102H)

Hexane (PN 102L)

Hexane (PN 103)

Hexane (PN 105)

Hexylamine (PN 180)

Hexylamine (PN 180L)

Hydrazine (PN 185)

Hydrocarbons (HC) (PN 105)

Hydrocarbons (LC) (PN 103)

Hydrogen (PN 30)

Hydrogen Bromide (PN 15L)

Hydrogen Chloride (PN 14L)

Hydrogen Chloride (PN 14M)

Hydrogen Chloride (PN 14R)

Hydrogen Chloride (PN 80)

Hydrogen Chloride (PN 8HH)

Hydrogen Cyanide (PN 12H)

Hydrogen Cyanide (PN 12L)

Hydrogen Cyanide (PN 12LL)

Hydrogen Cyanide (PN 12M)

Hydrogen Fluoride (PN 17)

Hydrogen Fluoride (PN 17L)

Hydrogen Fluoride (PN 17LL)

Hydrogen Peroxide (PN 32)

Hydrogen Sulphide (PN 45S)

Hydrogen Sulphide (PN 4H)

Hydrogen Sulphide (PN 4HH)

Hydrogen Sulphide (PN 4HM)

Hydrogen Sulphide (PN 4HP)

Hydrogen Sulphide (PN 4HT)

Hydrogen Sulphide (PN 4L)

Hydrogen Sulphide (PN 4LB)

Hydrogen Sulphide (PN 4LK)

Hydrogen Sulphide (PN 4LL)

Hydrogen Sulphide (PN 4LT)

Hydrogen Sulphide (PN 4M)

Hydrogen Sulphide and Sulphur Dioxide (PN 45H)

Iodine (PN 80)

Iodine (PN 9L)

Iron Ion (PN 281)

Isoamyl Acetate (PN 148)

Isoamyl Alcohol (PN 117)

Isobutane (PN 103)

55-3080ppm PN 104

Isobutene (PN 101L)

Isobutyl Acetate (PN 144)

Isobutyl Acrylate (PN 142L)

Isobutyl Alcohol (PN 116)

Isooctane (PN 101)

Isopentane (PN 103)

Isophorone (PN 154)

Isopropyl Acetate (PN 146)

Isopropyl Alcohol (PN 113)

Isopropyl Alcohol (PN 113L)

Isopropyl Alcohol (PN 113LL)

Isopropyl Ether (PN 141L)

Isopropyl Ether (PN 161)

Isopropyl Mercaptan (PN 70)

Isopropylamine (PN 180)

Isopropylamine (PN 180L)

Isovaleric Acid (PN 81)

Isovaleric Acid (PN 81L)

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) (PN 100A)

m-Cresol (PN 61)

m-Dichlorobenzene (PN 127)

Maleic Anhydride (PN 81)

Mercaptans (PN 70)

Mercaptans (PN 70L)

Mercury (PN 271)

Mercury Vapour (PN 40)

Mesityl Oxide (PN 141L)

Methacrylic Acid (PN 81)

Methacrylic Acid (PN 81L)

Methacrylonitrile (PN 192)

Methaldehyde (PN 91L)

Methanol (PN 111)

Methanol (PN 111L)

Methanol (PN 111LL)

Methyl Acrylate (PN 141L)

Methyl Bromide (PN 136H)

Methyl Bromide (PN 136L)

Methyl Bromide (PN 136LA)

Methyl Bromide (PN 136LL)

Methyl Cloroformate (PN 131La)

Methyl Ether (PN 161)

Methyl Ethyl Ketone (PN 151L)

Methyl Ethyl Ketone (PN 152)

Methyl Ethyl Ketone (PN 152L)

Methyl Iodide (PN 121L)

Methyl Iodide (PN 230)

Methyl Iodide (PN 230H)

Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (PN 153)

Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (PN 153L)

Methyl Mercaptan (PN 70)

Methyl Mercaptan (PN 70L)

Methyl Mercaptan (PN 71)

Methyl Mercaptan (PN 71H)

Methyl Methacrylate (PN 149)

Methylamine (PN 180)

Methylamine (PN 180L)

Methylcychlohexanol (PN 119)

Methylcychlohexanone (PN 155)

Methylcyclohexane (PN 102H)

Methylene Chloride (PN 138)

Methylene Chloride (PN 138L)

Methylene Iodide (PN 121L)

Methylhydrazine (PN 185)

Morpholine (PN 180)

Morpholine (PN 180L)

N, N-Dimethylaniline (PN 181)

N, N-Dimethylethylamine (PN 180)

N, N-Dimethylethylamine (PN 180L)

N,N-Dimethylacetamide (PN 184)

N,N-Dimethylformamide (PN 183)

n-Butyl Bromide (PN 136H)

n-Butyl Bromide (PN 136L)

n-Butyl Bromide (PN 136LA)

N-Ethylmorpholine (PN 180)

N-Ethylmorpholine (PN 180L)

N-Methyl Pyrrolidone (PN 180)

N-Methylaniline (PN 181)

N-Methylmorpholine (PN 180L)

Napthalene (PN 60)

Nitric Acid (PN 15L)

Nitric Acid (PN 80)

Nitrogen Dioxide (PN 10)

Nitrogen Dioxide (PN 80)

Nitrogen Dioxide (PN 9L)

Nitrogen Oxides (PN 10)

Nitrogen Oxides (PN 11HA)

Nitrogen Oxides (PN 11L)

Nitrogen Oxides (PN 11S)

Nonane (PN 105)

o-Cresol (PN 61)

o-Dichlorobenzene (PN 127)

o-Toluidine (PN 181)

Octane (PN 101)

Octane (PN 105)

Olefins (PN 100A)

Oxygen (PN 31B)

Ozone (PN 18L)

Ozone (PN 18M)

Ozone (PN 218)

p-Cresol (PN 61)

p-Dichlorobenzene (PN 127)

p-Ethyl Benzylchloride (PN 131La)

Pentachloroethane (PN 133L)

Pentamethylenediamine (PN 180L)

Pentane (PN 103)

Pentane (PN 104)

Petroleum Benzine (PN 106)

Petroleum Ether (PN 106)

Petroleum Naphtha (PN 106)

Phenol (PN 60)

Phosgene (PN 16)

Phosphine (PN 7)

Phosphine (PN 7H)

Phosphine (PN 7J)

Phosphine (PN 7L)

Phosphine (PN 7LA)

Propane (PN 103)

Propionaldehyde (PN 151L)

Propionaldehyde (PN 91L)

Propionic Acid (PN 81)

Propionic Acid (PN 81L)

Propionitrile (PN 191)

Propyl Acetate (PN 113L)

Propyl Acetate (PN 113LL)

Propyl Acetate (PN 145)

Propyl Alcohol (PN 113)

Propyl Mercaptan (PN 70)

Propyl Mercaptan (PN 70L)

Propylamine (PN 180)

Propylamine (PN 180L)

Propylene (PN 100A)

Propylene Dichloride (PN 131La)

Propylene Oxide (PN 163)

Propylene Oxide (PN 163L)

Propyleneimine (PN 180)

Propyleneimine (PN 180L)

Pyridine (PN 182)

Stoddard Solvent (PN 128)

Styrene (PN 124)

Styrene (PN 124L)

Styrene (PN 153)

Sulphur Dioxide (PN 45S)

Sulphur Dioxide (PN 5H)

Sulphur Dioxide (PN 5L)

Sulphur Dioxide (PN 5La)

Sulphur Dioxide (PN 5Lb)

Sulphur Dioxide (PN 5LC)

Sulphur Dioxide (PN 5M)

Sulphur Dioxide (PN 80)

Sulphuric Acid (PN 35)

tert-Butyl Alcohol (PN 102L)

tert-Butyl Mercaptan (PN 70L)

tert-Butyl Mercaptan (PN 75)

tert-Butyl Mercaptan (PN 75L)

tert-Butyl Mercaptan (PN 77)

tert-Butylamine (PN 180)

Tetrachloroethylene (PN 132HH)

Tetrachloroethylene (PN 133HA)

Tetrachloroethylene (PN 133L)

Tetrachloroethylene (PN 133LL)

Tetrachloroethylene (PN 133M)

Tetrahydrofuran (PN 159)

Tetrahydrofuran (PN 161)

Tetrahydrothiophene (PN 76)

Tetrahydrothiophene (PN 76H)

Tetrahydrothiophene (PN 76M)

Tetramethylenediamine (PN 180)

Tetramethylenediamine (PN 180L)

Thionyl Chloride (PN 5La)

Toluene (PN 122)

Toluene (PN 122L)

Toluene (PN 161)

Trichloroacetic Acid (PN 15L)

Trichloroethylene (PN 132HA)

Trichloroethylene (PN 132HH)

Trichloroethylene (PN 132L)

Trichloroethylene (PN 132LL)

Trichloroethylene (PN 132M)

Triethylamine (PN 180)

Triethylamine (PN 180L)

Trimethylamine (PN 180)

Trimethylamine (PN 180L)

Trimethylamine (PN 3M)

Trimethylbenzene (PN 123)

Valeric Acid (PN 81L)

Vinyl Acetate (PN 141)

Vinyl Acetate (PN 143)

Vinyl Chloride (PN 131La)

Vinyl Chloride (PN 131)

Vinyl Chloride (PN 131L)

Vinyl Chloride (PN 131LB)

Vinyl Trimethoxysilane (PN 113L)

Vinylidene Chloride (PN 130L)

Water Vapour (PN 6)

Water Vapour (PN 6L)

Water Vapour (PN 6LLP)

Water Vapour (PN 6LP)

Xylene (PN 100A)

Xylene (PN 122L)

Xylene (PN 123)

Xylene (PN 123L)

Zinc (PN 285)


On All Orders over £100 and £500

Spend over £100.00 and receive a
FREE Single person 1st Aid Kit and
ERGO Safety Glasses

Spend over £500.00 and receive
2 x FREE 1st Aid Kits & 2 pairs of
Safety Glasses

Key Features:

  • The most accurate detector tube system available
  • Clear, precise and easy-to-read colour change
  • Long tube shelf life (between 1 and 3 years)
  • Complies to British Standard BSEN1231:1997
  • No need for ATEX Appoval
  • ISO registered
  • NATO approved
  • 99% of tubes in stock
  • 72 hour delivery for orders placed before 2pm
  • Temperature-controlled storage facilities
  • Batch number traceability


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