Crowcon Launch New MultiGas Monitor with PID

CRO-02-14 Crowcon’s Gas-Pro PID Protects Workers from VOCs and H2S Photo-ionisation detection finds toxic compounds at very low concentrations Crowcon’s new Gas-Pro PID portable gas detector, part of the popular Gas-Pro range, detects a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in many industrial applications. VOCs are not only highly flammable, they also pose a significant toxic hazard at very low concentrations – well below the lower explosive limit (LEL) of the VOCs. H2S, also detected by PID, is likewise extremely toxic at very low concentrations. Materials containing VOCs include acetone, benzene, paints, solvents, degreasers, plastics, resins and certain fuels – these occur in industries ranging from petrochemicals, oil refining, pulp and paper and aviation. H2S often occurs in oil refineries in a toxic mix with VOCs. The Gas-Pro PID is specifically designed to detect and warn of these dangerous compounds well below the concentrations that they become toxic. Key benefits include: • Top-mount, easy-to-read display for quick decision making • Ergonomic design • Monitors up to five gases • PID correction factor – set to target VOCs • Broad range PID which detects hundreds of gases • +ve Safety™; tri-colour status indication • Water and dust resistant to IP65 Industries where the Gas-Pro PID can be used include: • Oil Refining • Petrochemicals and Chemical • Pulp and Paper • Aviation • HazMat teams investigating suspected VOC spillages

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