Air XS Silica Monitor

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Air XS is the first and only product in the world to detect and distinguish respirable crystalline silica (RCS) in real time. Designed to function in challenging industrial environments, it detects all forms of crystalline silica and can track changing levels of RCS in complex dust mixtures over time.

It is estimated between 40 to 50 million workers worldwide are exposed to harmful silica dust in the workplace. Trolex’s journey to develop the Air XS Silica Monitor comes from over 150 years of personal battles protecting workers from the dangers of silica dust and because of this we truly believe real-time RCS data is the key to ending the problem of silicosis in the workplace.

The Air XS unit’s instant alarm allows for decisions to be made regarding intelligent use of PPE and RPE, agile process development and smart deployment of ventilation and extraction systems, overtime reducing costs, improving business efficiency, and ultimately save lives.

Compatible with the Air XS, our Breathe XS software makes storing, accessing, and interrogating its data quick and simple. This clear, easy-to-use software allows you to configure your units remotely, in real time, all from a single dashboard.


We are the UK leader in Gas Detection and we’re here to help. Call us on 01200 445 804 or email

Key Features:

  • Pioneering technology made simple
  • The risk of occupational silicosis
  • Protect your greatest asset, your people
  • Data you can act upon


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