alphaCLICK II High Pressure Coupling System

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alphaCLICK II is the high pressure coupling system for very simple and rapid connection of compressed air cylinders to the pressure reducer on the M1 SCBA backplate. Now enhanced with new safety features on adapter and coupling.

We are the UK leader in Gas Detection and we’re here to help. Call us on 01200 445 804 or email

Key Features:


  • saves up to 90% time for cylinder exchange compared to threaded connections


  • New green indicator ring indicates the open or close position and eases the use
  • Safety release in the coupling prevents unintentional opening  alphaCLICK II can only be disconnected when not under pressure
  • 10 times more robust than the original design


  • approved for and fits on all 300 bar standard threaded cylinder valves, on all M1, AirMaXX, AirGo and BD96 SCBAs and on filling panels with the alphaCLICK II Filling Panel Adaptor

alphaCLICK II Plug 300 bar

  • secures cylinders with alphaCLICK II 300 bar adapters while storage or transport
  • plug can be used to protect the pin inside as well as the outer surface

alphaCLICK II Filling Panel Adaptor

  • Allows cylinders to be removed from SCBA and attached to filling panel within seconds
  • Existing filling panels can be easily retrofitted with the new coupling
  • Available as complete kits with coupling, cylinder adapter and bushings for common outlets and blind plug, for 300 bar

  Technical Datasheet


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