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The Xgard range is a comprehensive selection of fixed point gas detectors that meet the diverse requirements for gas detection in industries throughout the world. This includes many water treatment, oil and gas, power, research facility and manufacturing installations.

Sensors Available

Acetylene , Ammonia , Arsine , Bromine , Butane , Carbon Dioxide , Carbon Monoxide , Chlorine , Chlorine Dioxide , Diborane , Ethane , Ethanol , Ethylene , Ethylene oxide , Fluorine , hexane , hydrogen ppm , Volume or % LEL , Hydrogen Chloride , Hydrogen Cyanide , Hydrogen Fluoride , Hydrogen Sulphide , IPA , Jet Fuel , LPG , Methane , Methanol , Nitric Oxide , Nitrogen Dioxide , Oxygen , Ozone , Pentane % LEL , Petrol Vapour % LEL , Phosgene , Phosphine , Propane , Silane , Sulphur Dioxide , Toluene , Vinyl Chloride & Volatile Organics ( VOCs )

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Spare Sensor Modules

We are the UK leader in Gas Detection and we’re here to help. Call us on 01200 445 804 or email

Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) or Flameproof (Exd) versions are available, with case options comprising high-grade alloy, stainless steel or chemically resistant GRN polymer. Certifications include IECEx, ATEX, UL and GOST-R.

Key Features:

  • Designed for easy installation and maintenance – keeps costs down
  • Designed for either wall or ceiling mounting – no need for additional brackets
  • Poison resistant pellistors, for all flammable detection needs including hydrocarbons, hydrogen, ammonia, jet fuel, leaded petrol and vapours containing halogens
  • Manufactured using a choice of three materials: glass reinforced nylon, highly durable aluminium with a tough polyester coating, or 316 stainless steel for ultimate corrosion resistance – designed to operate even in the harshest environments


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