Gallet F2XR

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With over 30 years of leadership in technical rescue and wildland fire helmets, MSA introduces the GALLET F2XR, its new multifunctional advanced rescue helmet.

Its comfort, versatility and ultimate integration of accessories make the F2XR the perfect head protection solution for a variety of applications, such as Wildland Firefighting, Technical Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue, Road Traffic Accidents, Rescue at Height and Water Rescue.

We are the UK leader in Gas Detection and we’re here to help. Call us on 01200 445 804 or email

Key Features:


  • Powerful integrated dual-beam headlamp with tail light and SOS mode
  • Ultimate integration of accessories including ocular visor and hearing protection with communication systems
  • Ergonomic knob wheel with adjustable position on the neck
  • Optimised soft goods design and material for easy cleaning and drying


  • High temperature thermoplastic shell for optimal resistance to mechanical impacts
  • High performance suspension system for optimal shock absorption
  • Ear protection side panels to extend area of coverage for water rescue missions


  • Light weight, optimal balance and high retention for increased comfort during long lasting operations
  • Multiple adjustments with 3-position ride heights to ensure perfect fit to all wearers
  • Vented shell and inner padding available to optimize user’s breathability


  • Large range of accessories for enhanced protection in various situations

  Technical Datasheet
  Operating Manual


The following options are available for the different versions of the GALLET F2XR:

  • Safety Goggles (EN166)
  • Integrated ocular visor (EN14458:2018)
  • Clear or mesh face protection visors (EN14458:2018)
  • Neck curtains (textile version)
  • L2XR integrated headlamp with alcaline or Li-ion batteries, non-ATEX and ATEX versions
  • Helmet mounted lamp holder
  • Passive Hearing Protection earmuffs (EN352-3)
  • Active Hearing Protection earmuffs (EN352-3)
  • Active Hearing Protection earmuffs with voice communication headset
  • High visibility options (colors, customizable reflective stickers, customizable front plates)
  • Ear protection for water rescue application (EN1385)
  • Possibility to connect a half mask or a full face mask to the helmet


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