V-Gard® 950 Class 2 Non-Vented Protective Cap

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The V-Gard 950 Class 2 safety helmet has been developed for electrical activities requiring demanding arc flash protection up to 7kA. This balanced and lightweight unvented electrician’s helmet features an integrated GS-ET-29 Class 2 (7kA) faceshield with a light transmittance ≥ 75% and a MSA-unique extended neck & ear flaps protection.

We are the UK leader in Gas Detection and we’re here to help. Call us on 01200 445 804 or email info@ribble-enviro.co.uk

Key Features:

  • Modern, dynamic with sports styled shell
  • Made of ABS for strength and lateral crush protection (LD option)
  • Low profile (patented visor mechanism which minimises helmet shell size)
  • GS-ET-29 Class 2 (7kA) light blue integrated faceshield with light transmittance ≥ 75%, protecting against impact, chemical splash, UV radiation, molten metal splash and electric arc
  • Unique extended ear and neck flaps fitted, ensuring protection against arc flash up to 7kA; 2 positions : working or stand-by
  • Channel around perimeter of the helmet diverts rain and debris from user
  • Electrically insulating helmet meeting EN 397 440 V AC & EN 50365 1000 V AC
  • Protection against molten metal (MM option)
  • Complete with 4-point chinstrap for better helmet retention
  • Protective foam at the top of the faceshield for an enhanced seal
  • Premium anti-fog/anti-scratch coating faceshield fits over all corrective or safety glasses
  • Reliable one handed smooth movement, even gloved
  • 2 faceshield positions (up or completely down)
  • 6-point Fas-Trac® III ratchet suspension with premium washable and replaceable sweatband
  • Balance and stability with a lower nape strap
  • Ratchet offers smooth rotation
  • Anti-static assembly; ELECTROSTATIC-INERIS certified for use in ATEX/explosive environments
  • Helmet delivered in a protective reusable storage bag



  • Head sizes from 52–63 cm
  • Lifetime of helmet: 3 years storage + 5 years use
  • Version with badge/lamp holder option
  • Optional reflective stickers for 360° visibility, day and night
  • Optional logo customization on 4 locations, from 12 helmets only
  • Winter liners, individual name sticker


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