Wireless AreaRAE Monitors Available for Hire from Ribble Enviro

Ribble Enviro are proud to announce our new fleet of AreaRAE rapidly deployable wireless multi gas monitors , now available for short or long term hire.

Housed in a welded stainless-steel enclosure, it is rugged, portable and weather-resistant, making it suitable for harsh environments. Ideal for hazardous materials and other emergency response monitoring applications, strategically placed AreaRAE Steel monitors can be used to quickly establish a perimeter ensuring safety for all emloyees in the vicinity

The photoionization detector (PID) in the AreaRAE Steel can measure parts gaziantep bayan escort per million of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In addition, it can be equipped with a lower explosive limit (LEL) sensor, an oxygen sensor, and one or two electrochemical toxic sensors for measuring specific substances namely carbon monoxide , hydrogen sulphide , sulphur dioxide , nitric oxide , nitrogen dioxide , chlorine , hydrogen cyanide , ammonia , phosphine , hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride.

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